Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet My New Bernina

I'm so excited!  I've entered the world of Bernina and I love it.  Yesterday, I called and emailed over ten shops, in three countries,  for prices as they don't publish the prices of the machines. Erg..  I decided to go with a local shop for support and convenience.  I figured this would be helpful if I decide to check out the classes on "how to use your machine".

Last night was a sleepless night spent tirelessly reading every review on the internet.  I even joined a few forums in hopes of getting the "real" scoop and was relentlessly annoying my Twitter buds. hehe  When I woke up I was ready to go.  I have always relied on the kindness of my Mother in Law and Aunt Peggy who have been lending me machines for years.  Recently I've been sewing on a Walmart Brother so to me this was a huge deal.

Surprisingly I was really nervous. I headed out to Guelph, Ontario to pick up my new machine, the Bernina 230 Patchwork Edition.  I spent a few hours at the store "test driving" a few models, but ended up leaving with the one I originally went in to buy.  Ok... one version up...but the floor model was available, she discounted the price substantially,  and she threw in two Bernina Feet (walking foot, and one other strange looking contraption).

It is overwhelming looking at machines.  I don't know if any of you have felt this way. But I went through a few stages.

1.Mother guilt. Do I really need this, I have two little babies? Should I really buy myself something?
2. Utter Confusion. New or used? Does the name really matter?   Do I need those automatic scissor things? How many stitches does a gal need?  Embroidery?  Computer? How does it thread? Where was it made?  How does the bobbin thingy work?  Ahh!!  I tried to stay strong in my resolve and said "no thanks" when she offered for me to try the Bernina 440 QE.  I know what I can handle and my bank account was saying "don't you dare."
3. Satisfaction and Happiness. I feel like I ended up with a solid, well made machine without a ton of bells and whistles and I feel very good about it. :)  It suits my current needs perfectly and the reasonable price is justified!  And the stitches are perfect!!!! I am excited about sewing again.

When I got home it took me four hours to even give it a try.  I wanted to make something that I would remember on my new machine.  I'm a sentimental  sap.  Finally my hubby convinced me to just "do what you usually do for now.  Try it out and get used to it."  So I made a bib and a little dress in Amy Butler.  And guess what!  My production time was cut in half and the stitches are perfect.Although I did spend twenty minutes just staring at it in awe.   I'm in love, truly. Let's see what tomorrow shall bring.  What did you sew on your first new machine?  Anyone have any stories?


  1. Wow! That is so exciting. I know how it feels as I just got a new machine, too. And the lack of posted prices also drove me nuts! I ended up getting one as a gift, from our local shop in Stouffville.

    The first thing I did was finish a long-overdue, half-finished project that was underway when my old machine quit on me. It was a set of wall hangings for my best friend's nursery.

    Consider it an investment, not an expense. :)

  2. WOOHOOO NICE!!!! and... you can't have guilt, cuz now you can make clothing more OFTEN for the kids.. its win win really. I have my MIL's sewing machine sitting in the basement. It has so many functions I throw up just looking at it. I can barely thread a needle manually...

  3. True enough! It is an investment.

  4. :D Smiling HUGE for you Stacey....of all people that I'm sure DESERVE a new machine, you'd top my list! I've had mine for years, and other than the dust, it's still brand new---we'll have to have a sew-off one day to help my break mine in....Happy Stitching! :)

  5. Thanks so much! Wait till I show you guys what I made. I'm almost done!!! So exciting. I can't believe how much better my stitch quality is. Nothing will be falling apart. hehe

    Once you get used to the new changes in life, we can break in that machine. :)

  6. One thing is done but I'm working on one more thing too. :) Plus report cards at the same time. Funny how my production increases when I have something important to do. *sound familiar crochet mamma???

  7. Drooling with envy

  8. I guessing you went to Triangle? I have been drooling over some of the new machines there lately as well! Congrats on the new Bernina.