Thursday, December 3, 2009

Five Tips Useful Tips to Help Kids With Bedtime Transition

During the holidays things are not quite the same.  It's an exciting time for children, sometimes they aren't sleeping at home, there is company in the house, etc.  Here are a few tips that we use which might help your child get to bed on time during this busy time.
1.  Consistency....stick with your routine and approximate bed time (start about 20 mins before bed and brush teeth, pj's, washroom)
2. Story and song ...this gives them something to help focus the mind. We always do 1 story/3 songs.
3.  A quick review of what will happen the next day.....ex."tomorrow when you get up..."
4.  Alternate with your partner(if that is possible)...that way you will be fresh each night and more patient.
5.  Breathing and visualization exercises....ex."take 3 deep breaths, picture yourself on the beach".

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  1. 3 deep breaths....*sigh* if only we could be at the always do the 'after bath nudie crawl' (the kids NOT us) to get that last bit of energy out around here...we all have a giggle then they know it's time to start settling...

  2. My husband and I take turns tucking in my daughter. Unfortunately she tends to fight and have tantrums when it's "dad's" turn. She is at a stage where she "just loves mom more". But we keep trying. Thanks for the tips!

  3. We have a very regimented routine here LOL
    7:30pm- Timmy time (fairly odd parents) and a small snack
    7:45pm- mommy brushes teeth
    8pm- into bed with 2 stories (Sometimes I like to Curl up in a Ball and The Very Hungry Caterpiller- gawd I'm sick of reading these sammmmmme stories every night). I lay on the bed while daddy reads and then we both hug/kiss goodnight
    8:10pm- CD of classical tunes goes on and her white noise machine with a night light goes on. she gets to pick the colour the night light shines.

  4. We start getting my son ready for bed about 45 min. before he goes down (so 8:15 for a 9:00 bedtime). He has something to eat, we do bath, PJs. When I put him to bed I read him a couple of stories and sing 1-2 songs. When my husband is in charge, he sings 3-4 songs, usually Broadway tunes.

  5. We try to be consistent as well. Same routines at the same time seem to make things a lot easier on everyone involved!

  6. We try and be consistent - not always with the bed time, but with the activities leading up to bed.