Sunday, November 3, 2013

Free scarf pattern

Easy Peasy infinity scarf!  I'm not a fan of circular needles, so I stitch up my scarves once the knitting is completed. To begin simply cast on 125 stitches on 15mm needles.  Knit until your work measures about 6-8 inches.  Cast off, sew along the seem, and bravo!

Winners for the Giveaway

Thanks so much for entering!!!!

The moment you have been waiting for his here. The winners of the give away hosted by SnugNLuv is here! Congratulations to Lori R. and Roxanne C. 

Lori chose the my Time Bundle that include 4 great games that your students will love.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Lori and Roxanne, I will email you your prize!