Monday, September 14, 2009

The Rock & Roll Tutu

Many of you who know me are aware of the fact that I don't do the "princess" thing very well. Some would say I oppose it to an extreme. I won't pontificate on gender stereotypes or over intellectualize regarding the social pressures, or relationship norms inherent in being a "princess" because I know many people don't agree with me. And that's ok!

But, my daughter has been asking for a tutu for several weeks now. I struggled with indecision and uncertainty about how to proceed (similar to my internal battle regarding Santa). So I made her one. A rock and roll tutu! And she loves it. That way she can express herself in dance and can play imaginatively, yet doesn't need to be a "princess" and marry a "prince".

Works for us. For now at least, until December. lol

Comments are welcome and encouraged. I love discourse.


  1. How adorable! Every little girl wants one!

  2. That's just gorgeous!

    I reconcile my nervousness over gender stereotyping with the fact that dress up and pretend is just so important for kiddos...and we all know you'd be as quick to make your daughter a racecar driver jumpsuit or a set of scrubs.

    Pretend is what's important...not what's being pretended!

  3. Great photos. Yes, I guess as our girls grow there will be all sorts of challenges for us to navigate. May we always navigate them as gracefully as this. :)

  4. Thanks for the kind and thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it. I had my nieces over from both my side of the family (9 yrs old) and my partner's side (3 yrs old) and even although they were separate visits both girls asked me to make them a green one. lol!