Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Sneak Preview Baby Bear Earflap Hat

Baby Bear Earflap Hat Pattern

Hi Everyone,As you know I have been trying to crochet. Well, to be honest it hasn't been going all that well. But fear not, it has inspired me to return to the craft that I have loved since grade five. Knitting!!!!

I have teamed up with my grandmother and we are both creating patterns for baby toddler hats, which we will be selling on Etsy. Completed hats will be available too!

Here is a sneak peak at mine!! Should be available by next week!


  1. This hat is ADORABLE!

    And as a die-hard crocheter, I give you alot of credit for being able to knit - I'm all thumbs every time I try! lol


  2. Very cute! I just wish I knew how to knit.