Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Recently, I found myself bitten with the "Treasury Bug". For those of you who don't know what a treasury entails (and I didn't until recently), it is a collection of items, chosen and put together by Etsy members.

With the help of Seedlings Jewellry and Zigzagstitches I figured out how to choose the items, secure a spot, and even take a screenshot of the finished product for blog posting. Thanks friends.

This treasury is special. This is because it is in the main treasury and secondly because every single item in the treasury is from someone that I personally know and like! All of them are on Twitter and have helped me or been a friend in some special way. There are many others who have become friends to me and I am going to continue making "Friend Treasuries" in an attempt to include everyone. This is what makes it special to me!

In September, I will be returning to my teaching job and am not sure what I will be doing with my Etsy shop. We will have to see how busy I am with my new JK/SK class. (I hear you chuckling Catherine-Zigzagstitches) This has been an excellent experience for me and I want to say "thanks" to all of the blog followers, twitter friends, and customers that I have met during this endeavour.

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own treasury . I'm telling you, IT IS FUN!!!!


  1. You are such a sweetheart!!!

    I love that you made a tutorial, I've often wondered how to go about it also.

    thanks for including me,


  2. Such a nice post - thank you so much!

    oxox - Karen

  3. Congrats on creating such a nice Treasury. I have never attempted to make one myself. Thanks for the tutorial link.

  4. It was on the front page?? Did I miss it? Thank you so much for this and posting the tutorial. Your students are getting one cool, caring teacher for the 2009/2010 year :)

    And we shall meet face to face one day! You can show me your moon walk. :) And I... well I can sing some NKOTB for ya! LOL

    Hopefully there will be time for you to keep up with your Etsy store... or go to craft shows (there's many on the weekend coming up!)

    Tweet ya later :)

  5. Thanks for including me in your great treasury....and for the tutorial! I have never done a treasury before, but now, may give it a try! Good luck with how you handle the teaching job and the business.....I did both for years, so it can be done!

  6. You're such a sweetie! Thanks for including me!

    Diana (matdi123)

  7. Great job, SNL :) I go through fits & starts of treasury-making too — once you start, it's a little catching, isn't it?

    I hope to catch you on the fp one day soon!