Sunday, May 31, 2009

The June Giveaway

I just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone who supports this blog.  You are very sweet people and I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you.  

June is going to be a wonderful month and there is going to be a very big giveaway.  There are many reasons to celebrate.  My baby girl will be 1 year old on the 14th, Summer is here, and I have accepted a new teaching job for September (Junior/Senior Kindergarten).  

This weekend I am off to the Sarnia ArtWalk festival.   I am excited to be with my sister and listen to my husband's band play!  But, I will also be selling my things at a booth.  I've been sewing like crazy for the past few days!!  If you are from the area, please stop by and say "hi".   I look forward to meeting  "Zig Zag Stitches"  and " Nun of  a Kind"  in real life, as they will be there too.  Another celebration of community and independent crafters/artisans.
So, the giveaway will be posted when I return.

 Get ready, this is going to be another great one!!


  1. What a great event! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. I can't wait to see your giveaway!!

  3. Good luck this weekend and have fun! Hopefully you still have those red toes!!! I even give you permission to wear the Birks, so long as the toes are still red!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  4. Thanks guys. I think I will be wearing the Birks!!!! Red toes and all. Last night I got all sassy, so I got to show them off. :)) You would have been proud Michele.